Friday, March 27, 2015

The Doctors

Falling in love

     We recently added a small dog to the menagerie that is our family. Small,... 

Too Many Critters In My Bed

When Dr. Ron and I brought out first daughter home from the hospital, we were sharing... 

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The Clinic

Can Dogs See Color? And How Do We Know?

Thursdays are always the worst day for little dogs to play fetch at my local park.... 

Halloween Safety Tips

Attention, animal lovers, it’s almost the spookiest night of the year! The ASPCA... 


When pet owners are asked what they dread most about the summer months, the topic... 

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What We Do

How To Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food

Have you ever experienced a moment of shock and disbelief when the sandwich you just made disappears from the counter the moment you turn your back?  Then you look down just in time to see your dog happily licking the last bit of mayo off the top of his nose. Guilty dog! Counter-surfing is a trainer’s term for when a dog steals food off counters... [Read more of this review]

Pet’s Bad Breath Might be a Sign of Dental Disease

Dogs have 42 teeth, humans have 32, cats have 30 and Mario has none. The cat was eating poorly, hiding in the closet, and had red, sore gums when he was diagnosed with a mouth infection called stomatitis. Three surgeries and $10,000 later, all his teeth had been pulled. “Once he started feeling better, he again became a happy, normal, healthy... [Read more of this review]

Five Basic Tests That Offer More Than Basic Information

Ever wonder what your pet’s blood work means and what your veterinarian is looking for?  We have put together a list of commonly run test and what they mean for you and your pet.   Complete Blood Count (CBC) The CBC tests for anemia, infection, inflammation and overall healthiness of the blood cells. It also evaluates the number and type of cells... [Read more of this review]

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